BJM Mechanical Mufflers and Tyres

Year: 2019

Engine Oils

Why Engine Oils? The primary function of engine oil is to reduce metal-to-metal contact resulting in less friction and wear. Friction generates heat, which causes more wear and tear on moving engine parts. Engines change with age. After 75,000 klm, it is even more important to choose the best oil  to maximize the life of your engine. Valvoline MaxLife High Mileage […]

Achilles Tyres

Achilles Radial Tyres has been proving itself over the years as a reliable manufacturer of tyres with proven quality and an extensive range There are special tyres starting from drift, touring and also giving good results in extreme off road conditions For the regular driver we have the 868 All Seasons It is designed for […]

How To Care For Your Tyres

Tyre Pressure First of all  to care for your tyres you should do a fortnightly check of your tyres pressure and bring it back to the pressures recommended by the manufacturers of both your car and the tyres. The tyre mechanic is very experienced and can guide you. Tyres lose pressure when the car is […]

Muffler Check

The exhaust system of your car or truck: You should check your vehicles exhaust system regularly Is it louder than usual? Is there smoke coming out of the exhaust? But these are signs the exhaust system is failing The first signs of a problem may not be so obvious A worn exhaust system will reduce […]

Takata Airbag Recall

The biggest recall in automotive history is for the Takata Airbag. 100 million worldwide with 2.1 million in Australia. They are unstable and can explode. There have been deaths There are two versions in the recall The Alpha version subject to immediate recall This is the most unstable The Beta version is still being recalled […]

After Pay

Have you ever been caught with an unexpected repair bill? It happens. You put your car in for a regular service. You haven’t noticed: There is an oil leak. You need to replace the tyres. Your Aircon needs re-gassing. Brakes pads or discs need replacing. Battery is about to die. You haven’t budgeted for this? […]

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