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BJM Mechanical Mufflers and Tyres has been giving residents in and around Oxenford superior Mechanical Services for over 25 years. Our staff have over 80 years of combined experience in working on cars and light commercial vehicles.

The most popular service our customers require is Log Book Servicing, but vehicles are often found to need services like:

  • Brakes
  • Exhaust and Mufflers
  • Cooling System Radiators etc
  • Wheel Balance
  • Wheel Alignment
  • New Tyres
  • Auto Electrical
  • Auto Air Conditioning
  • We do it all

We also have customers from these areas

  • Coomera
  • Upper Coomera
  • Helensvale
  • Pacific Pines
  • Hope Island
  • Tamborine Mountain
  • Ormeau
  • Just to name a few
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For your convenience we now have several options for you to get your vehicle serviced now when you need it and spread the payments out to make it easier.

After Pay Now Available

We are proud to announce that we now have Afterpay available in our Oxenford Service Centre for all your vehicle repairs,tyres,exhaust systems, air conditioning and auto electrical requirements 

Get your mechanical service or new tyres  today and pay over four instalments with no interest provided you pay on time

Payments are made every two weeks and you get reminders so you do not forget the due dates

You do need to sign up with Afterpay and be approved but then you are ready to go.

Book your next car service now on 07 5573 2879

Humm Payment Plan

 humm, does things a little differently. Buy Now Pay  fortnightly for 5 payments. OR weekly for 10 payments. Your choice!

Instead of putting delaying your vehicle’s service, we want to allow our customers to fund whatever they need.

Get it done now and pay later

Sign up with humm then book your next service on 07 5573 2879

Another payment system where you can spread the payments over the period you committed to when you signed up

Sign up with ZIP then book your next service on 07 5573 2879

Alan Gardner --Owner and Manager

Alan Gardner
Alan Gardner

Alan is the current owner and manager of the company and comes from an Automotive,Engineering and Customer Services background.

He has operated workshop and service centres for the last 25 years specialising in European and Diesel vehicles.

Alan has set up a full and comprehensive computer system to ensure both your service records and service schedules are kept up to date.

This will ensure your vehicle complies with all safety and service requirements.

Check with Alan for all mechanical services at our workshop in Oxenford

Our Services

Log Book Servicing

Mufflers and Exhaust

Mechanical Repairs

Log Book Servicing
Diagnosing problems

You can keep your vehicle in top shape with a regular log book service
The manufacturer of your vehicle has tested and determined the intervals that the various parts of your car will function at peak performance before needing adjusting. 

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muffler is a component of the exhaust system of a car.

The exhaust system has 3 important functions:

1) Getting the hot and noxious gas from the engine away from the vehicle.

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Whatever stops working efficiently on your vehicle, We can fix

We are your vehicle repair specialists at Oxenford .

We are fully equipped with ENGINE DIAGNOSTICS to determine the extent of your problem. So we can determine the problem faster.

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Diesel Servicing

Transmission Servicing


Diesel car motor
Gear shift in car
New Tyres

Diesel engines are found in small vehicles up to very large buses trucks and earthmoving machines.

Because of limited space we can only service up to light trucks.

Diesel servicing is similar to petrol vehicles but we need to give more attention  to your fuel system.

Transmissions are either Manual or Automatic.

They must be serviced regularly.

Simple services will involve:

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Your tyres are crucial to your vehicles’s performance and your personal safety

Quality tyres will last longer provided a tyre maintenance service is carried out.

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Car Tuning

Auto Electrical

Auto Air Conditioning

Finely Tuned Car
Auto Electrical
Car Air Conditioner

Car tuning will give you the highest level of performance for your vehicle. We seek to achieve that on every full vehicle repair service.

The manufacturer has set a level of performance that can be achieved for your vehicle.

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Auto ElectricalYour vehicle’s electrical system will govern a large number of performance and safety requirements for your driving pleasure

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Full Auto Air Conditioning Service

Our fully experienced team will run a diagnostic test 

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Fleet Servicing

Safety Certificates

Courtesy Car

Fleet Servicing
Safety Certificates

We offer full serving plans for your fleet of vehicles designed to keep the on the road longer.

To discuss your particular requirements call us for a quote.

(07) 5573 2879

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In Queensland a safety certificate is needed when:

  • a registered light vehicle is offered for sale in Queensland, or
  • tranferring registration to a new owner,or
  • when re-registering an unregistered vehicle

Call (07) 5573 2879

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We have a courtesy car for those who need to be mobile while their own car is being serviced.

We have two cars so call first to see if one is available.

(07) 5573 2879

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