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Achilles Radial Tyres has been proving itself over the years as a reliable manufacturer of tyres with proven quality and an extensive range

There are special tyres starting from drift, touring and also giving good results in extreme off road conditions

For the regular driver we have the 868 All Seasons

It is designed for comfort

Achilles Tyres BJM Mechanical

A Large Shoulder Block

which will give you greater strength and stiffness for more precise handling during cornering.

Avhilles Tyres BJM Mechanica

Four Wide Circumference Grooves

which provides superb water channeling. This will lead to improved wet road traction and also to reduce the possibility of hydroplaning and loss of control.

Achilles Tyres BJM Mechanica

All Season Sipes

Improves Traction on Dry or Wet Roads. A Sipe is a groove or channel in the tread of a tyre to improve its grip.

Achilles Tyres BJM Mechanical

Asymmetrical Tread Pattern

will give you superb cornering stability and give you precise steering responses



For SUVs we have Desert Hawk H/T 2

Achilles Tyres-BJMMechanical

Large Shoulder Block

Provides strength and stiffness for outstanding handling when cornering and grip when braking

Achilles Tyres BJM Mechanical

Four Wide Circumference Grooves

Superb water channeling, improves traction in the wet as well as reducing the chance of hydroplaning

Achilles Tyres BJM Mechanical

Solid Center Rib

Delivers straight line stability to improve handling. In other words keep the vehicle  moving in a straight line

Achillkes Tyres BJM Mechanica

Interlocking Tread Block

Enhances directional stability and cornering performance

Achilles Tyres BJM Mechanica

Hd Silica Technology

Improves fuel efficiency and wet traction. This gives less resistance and distortion leading to a smoother ride and better fuel economy. 

Achilles Tyres
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