Muffler Check


The exhaust system of your car or truck:

You should check your vehicles exhaust system regularly

  • Is it louder than usual?
  • Is there smoke coming out of the exhaust?

But these are signs the exhaust system is failing

The first signs of a problem may not be so obvious

A worn exhaust system will reduce your vehicles performance

Our exhaust and muffler specialists are the best people to assess how much your vehicle is affected

For about the last 30 years catalytic converters have been required on all new passenger vehicles and manufacturers have complied

A catalytic converter will convert the harmful exhaust gasses into harmless gases like nitrogen,carbon dioxide and water vapour

Extractors make it easier for the car engine to push exhaust gases out of the cylinders. This improves the performance of the engine

Increases in power of about 10% are common and in most cases there is the added benefit of better fuel economy

Mandrel bends are an important part of the individual design needed for your vehicle. Mandrel is the technical term for the type of bend used.

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Muffler Check
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